Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Be Prepared for Winter with Safety and Office Supplies in St. Louis

Until more accurate predictions can be made, he advises Missourians to ready their snow control equipment and supplies. Business owners may want to stock up on ice melters and de-icing pellets, which are some of the most important St. Louis office supplies they can get from a company like Dutch Hollow Supplies. These items are designed to improve workplace safety during this season and protect against slips and falls. At every workplace, employees must make sure that no equipment is left vulnerable to ice or moisture, otherwise, they can expect to deal with mold growth and mildew indoors, which can cause all sorts of health problems like asthma and skin irritation. Icy walkways and sidewalks, can cause slips and falls and must be de-iced as often as possible. This makes eliminating ice and moisture build-up very important.

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